Why the Spending Review could make the housing crisis worse, not better

The Chancellor's plans will not bring genuinely affordable homes in the long term More

Privatising the UK Land Registry is not the answer

Hiding data about who owns our land behind a paywall will not benefit the public or developers More

Why another VW scandal could be just around the corner

A drive to cut regulation is actually straitjacketing the bodies there to protect us More

Weekly Economics Podcast: flying

Breaking down the big macroeconomic issues - subscribe now for a new episode each Monday More

Forget airport expansion, we need a Frequent Flyer Levy

Reforming our tax on flying could reduce emissions and be socially just More

Hidden challenges in the ‘Beverly Hills of Britain’

The Surrey borough of Elmbridge has levels of inequality that might surprise you More

Could preventive services ease the effects of cuts and improve Britain’s health?

NEF's Anna Coote writes for the Guardian society More

Lessons from HBOS: why we need new types of banks

To prevent another collapse we must learn from past mistakes – have we? More

Who’s allowing overfishing in the Baltic Sea?

EU ministers are still setting quota above scientific advice More

Reconsidering public wealth

James Skinner, NEF Trustee Emeritus, on using public wealth for public benefit More

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