The shredding of Lord Mandelson

The words choke and cornflakes suggest themselves when thinking of how Lord Mandelson responded to a report released (pdf) by the business, enterprise and regulatory reform select committee yesterday.


Happy like Vanuatu

The environmental movement was labelled alarmist and wrong in reaction to the subsequent Limits to Growth report, written by scientists at MIT, which projected the natural resource constraints of trying to grow indefinitely in a finite space. When, last year, a detailed study compared the original report with 30 years of data and trends, it found a solid correlation between projections and reality. More

Support the Brixton Pound

So we're pleased to report that a new community currency will soon be circulating not far from nef headquarters. A few enterprising souls at Transition Town Brixton are introducing their very own pound this September, and have a new website to promote it. More

Carbon trading won’t stop climate change

One day renewable energy looks like a sunrise industry, the next, tumbleweeds are blowing around a setting solar panel. What has changed? The price of emitting carbon dioxide.


Budget reaction: where was the Post Bank?

He should also have offered a tangible reform in both areas in the form of a Post Office Bank which would simultaneously help small local businesses- the underpinning of our economic future- and increase people's trust in the banking system. It's not too late. As a practical and popular measure, he can still announce the setting up of a Post Bank in the wake of the Budget.


Budget reaction: efficiency savings could derail public services when we need them most

Measures to rebalance the tax burden are welcome, but don't go far enough. With the worst impacts of the recession still to play out in full, the Government should be using this opportunity to take a progressive approach to taxation so that the companies and individuals who have benefitted most pay their fair share, ensuring that we can invest in the public safety nets we need to protect us from the worst impacts of the recession, and against future shocks. More

Budget reaction: Banks are too-big-to-fail and must now be broken up

Bail-outs have now boosted UK national debt to staggering levels but have done little to stop the rot in our financial sector. By refusing to acknowledge the deep structural failings in the banking system, the Government is storing up debts they'll probably never have to deal with, and no future government will be able to meet without decimating core public services. Banks that really have become too-big-to-fail leave the UK very vulnerable and must now be broken up. More

The coming food crisis?

So far, so familiar to most environmentalists and oil peakists. But Kell has also called for lb100 million of public money to made available for research into how crop yields might be maximised, so that the crisis might be averted. Now where do you think that money would go? More

No green shoots on climate change

The comparison is useful in more ways than one. It reveals how governments can recognise and act to avert systemic risk in some areas like high finance and flu, but have blind spots or grossly inadequate responses in others, such as climate change. More

Review: The Contingency Plan at the Bush Theatre

Looming environmental destruction, on the other hand, hasn't ever grabbed artists in quite the same way. More

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