Why a Sterling Scotland will not be sovereign

Ultimately, an independent Scotland would need a new currency More

No more fish this year - it’s UK Fish Dependence Day

We're still reliant on imported fish More

How do we future-proof finance?

Download our new working paper More

What Mark Carney missed in his speech to the TUC

Simply lowering wages won’t create the jobs we need More

How do we create a fair economy?

NEF's Crowd Wise approach in action More

Five steps for a high wellbeing society

New report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Wellbeing Economics More

Energy round-up: on the edge?

The latest energy and climate news - subscribe now to get updates straight to your inbox More

Time to get over cost-benefit analysis

Smarter approaches to big decisions are out there More

Scottish independence, UK dependency

What's really troubling financial markets ahead of this month's referendum More

Around the world in a shorter working week

How the working hours debate has gone global More

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