The Real Britain Index: a more accurate measure of living standards

Why official inflation statistics don't add up More

The next financial crisis – not if but when

Global debt and shadow banking have put us back in the danger zone More

Why Bitcoin hasn’t changed finance – yet

The technology behind the currency can still have a big impact More

We’re out of non-radical solutions – Naomi Klein on tackling climate change

The challenge, according to Klein, is a total rethink of business as usual More

What last week’s GDP rise tells us about measuring what matters

No single indicator can capture an economy More

‘Middle class’ tax cuts: who really wins?

Raising tax thresholds favours the rich in a weakened economy More

Energy round-up: a solar future?

The latest energy and climate news - subscribe now to get updates straight to your inbox More

Where have all the sea bass gone?

How overfishing is killing the species off More

Competition won’t improve our living standards

To boost pay we need more investment and stronger rights for workers More

Youth services: surviving the cuts

Download our new briefing and free resources for local authorities More

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