Green New Deal Round-Up

Smith says:

Why on earth don't we take a leaf out of Barack Obama's book and put green technology right at the heart of the economic stimulus package that we believe the government is wanting to put together for the budget?


Uneasy about easing

This time, governments have so subsumed their agendas to those of the most powerful businesses that they will no longer allow them to fail. No matter what happens, the wealthy will not be hung out to dry - even if it means printing money.

That is hopeful in one sense at least. We will not, as we were in the 1930s, find ourselves sacrificed to a desperate inactivity in search of economic orthodoxy.


Likewise, I say unto you…

Let's today step out of the normal boundaries of analysis of our economic crisis and ask a radical question: What if the crisis of 2008 represents something much more fundamental than a deep recession? More

Clever thinking about how we think

‘ “Want to grab some lunch?” ask a couple of colleagues as they walk past your desk’. This is the unconventional opening of the excellent MINDSPACE report on influencing behaviour through public policy, here taking its own advice in making information seem relevant to the people at whom it is aimed (in this case, civil servants designing policy).


Banks: We need to break up to build up

There was much to discuss in yesterday’s Mansion House speech, but I would like to focus on one disappointment and one pleasant surprise.

First the disappointment; the five members of the new Independent Commission on Banking are all economists and bankers of the highest calibre and integrity. Some are on record with quite strident views about the ills of our banking system and quite radical prescriptions for their cure.

But they are all, well…, bankers and economists.


French Spiderman scales tower for One Hundred Months campaign

There's also a photo gallery of Alain's climbing up at the Guardian.


Green New Deal Round Up

These days it's pretty obvious that Britain is not at the cutting-edge of climate change policy. We have a government which is doggedly pursuing the construction of coal-fired power stations and the expansion of airports, damning the consequences for our planet, our economy and our civilisation.


The state of the union: a well-being index for America


Neoliberal nostalgia

It's been over a week now since we launched our proposal for a People's Bank based at the Post Office. In a packed committee room in the Houses of Parliament we heard politicians of all stripes voice their support for this new kind of bank, one that would put communities, small businessses and the financial excluded first.


92 months and counting

With motifs of climate-friendly transport woven into the fabric of the building, the Tricycle Cinema in north London was the ideal location to premiere Franny Armstrong's new film, The Age of Stupid. One story in the film concerns the conflict between a wind energy entrepreneur and his rather self-satisfied and uptight posh local opponents who dislike the idea of any change to the landscape. The posh people win.


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