Help repower South London

Brixton Energy Solar 1 may well be the first co-operatively owned inner-city powerstation built on social housing, but it has also pioneered a self-sustaining, financially viable Community Energy Efficiency Fund. 


Taking the new economics global - Step 1

For years after becoming director at nef back in 2003, the question nagged away at me. How could we make the Great Transition to a new economics happen if we just did it in the UK? Was it possible at all if we weren't working simultaneously in the USA?

I'm glad to say that the nagging paid off, because in the last few years we have been forging an exciting relationship with a major new force in the USA - the New Economics Institute, our sister organisation.


A game changer for local economies

It is peculiar how politics works.

We have been collectively wringing our hands about the implications of Open Public Services, worrying about whether small local or voluntary sector suppliers would be pushed aside. Then – all the time – below the radar a something has been emerging that is set to make a major difference to the way public services are commissioned.


The problem with Greece’s private creditors

Back to Greece. Two weeks, this time, before the latest ‘rescue’ package started to unwind, which under the circumstances might be considered a success. The problem here is private sector involvement in the deal: not all of Greece’s many and varied private creditors want to write off a great chunk of their loans.


The End of the Beginning for Social Value

On Tuesday night, members of the House of Lords voted to pass legislation which requires public authorities to consider the social, economic and environmental impact of the goods and services they buy on behalf of the public. More

A dual-currency solution to the Greek debt crisis

In a letter to the Financial Times last week, Dr Stelios Zyglidopoulos suggested that the treatment prescribed by the EU troika for Greece bears an “eerie resemblance to the now obsolete practice of blood-letting, which was practised by medical doctors for almost 2000 years.” Economists, and the politicians who take their advice, lay claim to special knowledge as to why we periodically plunge into economic recessions. More

Leading the way on well-being

As of today, the UK is the proud owner of the biggest official well-being data set for any single country within a single year. More

To British business, drunk or sober

The great humorist and new economist G. K. Chesterton complained once that no true patriot would ever say 'my country, right or wrong' - “It is like saying: ‘My mother, drunk or sober!’”

I was reminded of this by David Cameron’s bizarre misunderstanding of the public mood about business.


I’m a jobs snob. Iain Duncan Smith should be one too.

The last 10 days have seen things turn from bad to worse for Iain Duncan Smith and his cherished Work Programme. First Tesco was caught advertising for night shift workers who were going to get paid their jobseekers allowance (!) plus expenses. More

Should the Argentinian experience dissuade Greece from exiting the Eurozone?

In their Economist article last week, Mario Blejer and Guillermo Ortiz (former central bank governors of Argentina and Mexico respectively) argue that the Argentinean devaluation experience should constitute an example not to follow in the case of Greece. Despite Greece’s shrinking economy and devastating social condition More

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