Are the banks waking up to climate change?

The Camp for Climate Action outside the headquarters of Royal Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh does not so far seem to have shifted the subsidised bank in a more greener direction.

They are still subsidising the polluting business of extracting oil from tar sands, just as they are financing the oil and gas extraction that is accelerating global warming – and just as they were before the bank nosedived. 


75 months and counting…

Twenty five months ago, working with my colleague, a climate scientist, Dr Victoria Johnson, and others, I decided to find out how long it would take before, on the best data available, we would begin to cross red lines where climatic instability and extremes were concerned. A quarter of that time has now passed.


Thou shalt tell a story


Reclaiming free markets

There is no such thing as a free lunch or a free market – or so it is said.  Or a free school, come to that.

Nothing is free.  There we are, now all of us radical new economists can nod our heads sagely and congratulate ourselves on our Jesuitical understanding of the world as it is.

But, having congratulated ourselves, it may be time to think again on free trade, because all is not quite what it seems.


Observations from Open Space

I spent the weekend at Facilitation Camp. An ‘unconference’ built on the principles of Open Space. This means the agenda is designed by participants on the day and a structure emerges built on the energy and interests of the people who are there.


NEF at TEDGlobal


Should policymakers care about well-being?

Although I would probably, if asked, describe my work at nef as being part of the ‘battle of ideas’, it’s not all that often that I would use the phrase to describe a day in the office. But last week I found myself truly in the thick of it, subjecting my ideas about well-being research to the scrutiny of a conversation with a dedicated opponent. More

We’ve gone into the ecological red

At the weekend, Saturday 21 August to be precise, the world as a whole went into "ecological debt".


Policy changes will worsen the housing crisis

The Big Society project seeks to “give increased power to people to solve problems closer to where they live”. Under the current economic climate, meeting housing needs is increasingly difficult for people and  governments. More

Finding the Big Society – on the streets

When you picture the Big Society, what do you think of? The great and the good descending on Downing Street for an exclusive launch party? People planting vegetables in public parks?


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