Only a new strategy can save Europe’s economies

It is hard to overstate the malaise now enveloping the European economy. National economies are stagnating. Further financial crises are threatened. The end of the euro is mooted.

Some dim recognition of this appears finally to have reached Europe’s political leaders. Confronted with IMF insistence that their house is put in order, fresh proposals are being drafted to contain the damage as a renewed global recession looms.

The European crisis


Roll on Green Quantitative Easing - and quickly

As we hurtle once more into the financial abyss, and most financial calamities take place in October, spare a few moments for those people exactly 80 years ago charged with rolling out the beginning of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal.

It is all about Harry Hopkins, head of Roosevelt’s new programme to help the unemployed. 


Time to resurrect Cobbett’s campaign against The Thing

The idea of a ‘feral elite’, the phrase coined by Compass chair Neal Lawson has powerful resonance.

Certainly the letter organised by Compass and nef and signed by more than 50 prominent names in the Guardian has caused a stir, suggesting that a citizens jury is needed to investigate and claw back power from the inter-connected elite who dominate British life – largely for their own benefit.


Video: Tony Greenham interviewed by Simon Dixon


Where are all the savings going?

The looming debate on the future of the NHS in Parliament is producing a frustrating gap in the debate outside Parliament, as if the only two positions anyone could possibly take are to defend existing services exactly as they are or to let the market rip.


Video: Tony Greenham at Hello Etsy Berlin

Watch live streaming video from More

Free schools: why small is beautiful

Anyone who follows the emerging education debate in the UK, especially with the new free schools opening their doors this week, can only be grateful that it has not developed with the same vitriol that the schools debate has done in the USA.

Two new books on the other side of the Atlantic, both by education reformers, have brought the bitter debate into sharp relief.


Planning for growth - but whose? And where?

The new draft Planning Framework is causing serious nerves, certainly in the Daily Telegraph.

The fear is that it was drafted jointly with leading developers – and in particular a consultant to supermarkets Asda – and is designed to allow a free-for-all.


Birmingham’s story of the new austerity begins

I recently wrote a blog about an exciting new project we’re working on at nef: the Big Society and the New Austerity. More

Jobs without growth

Last week President Obama announced a new policy agenda to combat America’s stubbornly high unemployment rate. While most of the proposed measures in the American Jobs Act represent a conventional Keynesian response to faltering demand (such as increased spending on infrastructure) and many may not be enacted, one of his proposals stands out for its radical potential. More

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