It’s not too late for a better economy

Fundamental shifts have happened before – why not again? More

The next financial crisis – not if but when

Global debt and shadow banking have put us back in the danger zone More

How do we future-proof finance?

Download our new working paper More

Time to think bigger on Scottish currency

Scotland's diverse regions need an equally diverse financial system More

What we’re reading

Have you read anything inspiring this summer? More

Beyond Yes or No – the debate on Scotland’s currency has missed the point

Like the rest of the UK, Scotland does not need Sterling More

Bitcoin - good for who?

Those already in power are benefiting most from the digital currency More

Barclays Transform: can corporate plans really change employees’ behaviour?

We should embrace the social process, not try to control it More

Putting empathy into economics

How could Russell Brand's 'spiritual revolution’ work in reality? More

Why peer-to-peer payments could be as big as the internet

Decentralised digital payment systems like Bitcoin and Ripple cut costs, time and fraud More

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