Inequality and global wealth

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Five steps towards a sustainable, just finance system

New manifesto calls for finance reform that places customers and the economy first More

Shadow banking: what is it and why should we be worried?

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What stress tests don’t tell you about banking system resilience

Why it’s too early to accept that our banking system is secure More

Why inequality is an economic problem

How snowballing wealth and stagnating wages risk another crisis More

Watch: why the UK economy is in relapse, not recovery

We're heading down exactly the same path that caused the last crash More

It’s not too late for a better economy

Fundamental shifts have happened before – why not again? More

The next financial crisis – not if but when

Global debt and shadow banking have put us back in the danger zone More

How do we future-proof finance?

Download our new working paper More

Time to think bigger on Scottish currency

Scotland's diverse regions need an equally diverse financial system More

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