Party manifestos answer our call on fishing quotas

Cross the board consensus signals a big win for sustainable fishing More

North Sea cod - is the sea half full or half empty?

Though stocks are recovering, cod is still being overfished More

Who is to blame for overfishing in Northern European waters?

EU fishing limits are consistently set at levels above scientific advice More

Fisheries management in the public interest: a new model

An interactive tool for analysing economic and environmental impacts More

Seven key steps to bass stock recovery

EU emergency measures are good news for bass, but we need to go further More

Time to take action: bring back the bass

Why we need emergency EU measures More

Putting Christmas dinner back on the table

How overfishing is putting a traditional Spanish dish at risk More

Who’s overfishing in the Baltic Sea?

Our new briefing reveals which ministers are to blame More

Where have all the sea bass gone?

How overfishing is killing the species off More

No more fish this year - it’s UK Fish Dependence Day

We're still reliant on imported fish More

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