What can we win in 2015?

From solving the housing crisis to tackling inequality More

Inequality and global wealth

Why the growing wealth of the super-rich is an economic problem More

Latest inflation figures: is the UK headed for deflation?

Why falling prices won't necessarily lead to a sustained rise in living standards More

Why the UK leads the way on inequality

Two trends posing particular danger to the UK economy More

Shadow banking: what is it and why should we be worried?

Inequality is fuelling a growing sector of risky financial activity More

Why inequality is an economic problem

How snowballing wealth and stagnating wages risk another crisis More

The truth about the official rise in real wages

Telling the full story on falling living standards More

Why phantom flats and the New Era Estate matter to us all

More proof that wealth trickles up, not down More

Inequality in the UK – whatever happened to social mobility?

Britain is far from the meritocratic society it could and should be More

It’s not too late for a better economy

Fundamental shifts have happened before – why not again? More

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