Announcing the New Economics Summer School

Campaigning for a just and sustainable economy? Register now for our new summer course More

We need to talk about solidarity

New NEF paper explains why it matters and how it can be strengthened More

Latest labour market stats: the rise in self-employment

Increased inequality and insecurity hides behind the headlines More

What the papers aren’t telling you about national well-being

It's time to get real on well-being inequality More

2014: what can we win?

We asked campaigners, leaders and organisers for their winnable battles of 2014. More

Why childcare matters

New NEF research on the benefits of a more ambitious approach to childcare reform. More

Towards a New Social Settlement

What's the future of our welfare system? More

The embarrassing truth about trickle-down

A 50p tax rate will help, not hurt, our economy More

Why the public sector can lead on decent wages

As one of the UK's top employers, it has a vital role to play. More

Osborne’s wrong: we do have a choice on austerity

Dismantling the welfare state is not necessary, it’s ideological More

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