Announcing the New Economics Summer School

Campaigning for a just and sustainable economy? Register now for our new summer course More

The dangerous consequences of debt-led growth

Building a recovery on debt risks another financial crisis More

What official inflation figures aren’t telling us

Latest inflation figures are out today – but how were they calculated? More

This isn’t an economic recovery - it’s a relapse

A pre-Budget look at the health of the UK economy More

Climate forecasts: setting the record straight

How climate science is proving itself to be highly accurate. More

A recovery built on sand

Three big problems with today's GDP figures. More

The embarrassing truth about trickle-down

A 50p tax rate will help, not hurt, our economy More

The UK’s productivity puzzle

Even as output is increasing, productivity is not. What's the solution? More

Latest inflation figures: 3 things you should know

Looking beyond the politics of the Bank of England's inflation target. More

Where’s the economy headed?

Coalition policies are leading us into a vicious economic cycle. More

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