An alternative vision for the Royal Docks

NEF's new report on City Airport sets the standard for future-proof cities More

We’re still not asking the right questions about HS2

A proper assessment of alternative investments to high speed rail is long overdue More

Your questions on QE answered

Won't creating money cause inflation? What are the risks? What if we stopped using it altogether? More

Heathrow expansion: 5 reasons to think twice

Don't be fooled by the PR people, the case for an extra runway has not been made More

The beginning of the end for HS2?

Recent events show a rapid decline in support for the project. More

How much is too much for High Speed 2?

The project could now cost up to £42.6bn - £10bn more than the government's previous stated budget. More

Is HS2 really the best way to spend £33bn?

Alternative infrastructure investments could give taxpayers better value for money. More

Infographic: Our alternative investment package to HS2

How else could we spend £33bn? More

The case for HS2 is far from clear

New report from the National Audit Office lends further credence to claims that the case for High Speed 2 hasn't yet been made. More

Mythbusters: “The private sector is more efficient than the public sector”

Andrew Simms tackles one of the most dominant arguments of the last thirty years in the latest Mythbuster from nef and the Tax Justice Network. More

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