It’s crunch time for EU fisheries

Photo credit: © WWF / Lode Cedan

May 13, 2013 // By: Fernanda Balata

The campaign for proper reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) has united citizens, fishermen and businesses across Europe. In February, they were also joined by an overwhelming majority of MEPs, who voted to end overfishing by 2015, rebuild fish stocks by 2020, and reward fishermen who fish in more environmentally and socially sustainable ways.

Today, the ultimate conclusion of CFP reform and a final decision on the future of our fish stocks lies with EU Fisheries Ministers.

As they arrive in Brussels, they will be greeted by a replica of a fishing boat and its passengers, representatives from a broad range of different interest groups and businesses, urging ministers to jump aboard and join them by approving ambitious reform.

For the past few months, thousands of school children have painted colourful fish to show their concern through the nef-led Paint a Fish campaign. A group of 7-8 year-olds from the European School Brussels II are representing younger generations aboard the boat today.

CFP reform only happens every ten years, so this could be our last chance to secure healthy fish stocks and the many associated benefits for future generations – we outlined the social and economic gains to be made in a new briefing last week.

Join us in asking EU Fisheries Ministers to seize the opportunity to restore our fish stocks and secure food for us and future generations by supporting an MSY target. Invite your minister to get ‘on board’.

Let’s ensure EU leaders do the right thing this week. Proper reform today will guarantee a sustainable future for EU fisheries, one that delivers positive economic, social and environmental outcomes by placing real value to society at the heart of the EU Common Fisheries Policy.



It’s crunch time for EU fisheries

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