Rethinking Economics: a new conference this weekend

June 27, 2013 // By: Yuan Yang , Rethinking Economics

This weekend, students, academics, professionals, and citizens alike will be gathering together for the first Rethinking Economics UK conference. Rethinking Economics is a UK-based network of young economics students, thinkers and writers who are organising to rethink academic economics and economics teaching, and to create fresh economic narratives to enrich the predominant neoclassical narrative. We’ve been working closely with the campaigns team at nef.

Rethinking Economics aims to demystify and diversify economics in the public eye; to educate ourselves and other students in a more reflective economics; to inspire divergent economists to engage with one another in debate; and to promote a politics of responsibility with academic economists.

Why do we need to Rethink Economics? Firstly, in line with nef’s own mission, we believe that we deserve new explanations and new responses to the economic, environmental and social crises evolving on our planet. To generate such new ways of economic thinking, we need to diversify the methodologies and approaches within economics as a profession. We need to start asking new kinds of questions to get the new answers we are looking for.

Secondly, from the point of view of economics students, we are simply thirsty for new ways of thinking - we recognise that the economics we have been studying does not fit the economy we are living in. Household labour, social care, the ecosystem, and structural inequality are, at best, optional “add-ons” to most economic models, and at worst, not considered at all. We would like these underexplored areas of the real economy to be exposed in a new economics.

We hope to see you at the launch of our UK network, and the beginning of a chapter in organising together for a new form of economic thinking. Come to Rethinking Economics, from Friday 1.30pm to Sunday 6pm, at Birkbeck College and London School of Economics.

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Rethinking Economics: a new conference this weekend

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