Uncovering the secrets of international finance: Tax Havens

November 29, 2012 // By: Lydia Prieg

Millions of individuals have been adversely affected by the risky practices of financial institutions, but their operations remain shrouded in mystery. This is one of the biggest barriers to reforming global finance – not enough people understand how it works.

Today we're launching a new series of videos investigating different areas of the finance system, each one introducing a major challenge we face if we want to reform global finance and make it work for people and the planet. 

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Today's first film focuses on tax havens. Used by wealthy individuals and companies to shift huge sums of money around the world in secret, they cost governments and ordinary taxpayers billions of pounds. International efforts to tackle tax havens to date have been feeble, but there is no reason why proper action can't be taken - watch the video to find out what can be done.

The last few years have shown what can happen when the finance system goes wrong - to ensure global financial stability, now is the time to expose the system's murky secrets.



Uncovering the secrets of international finance: Tax Havens

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