Take control of food, farming and fisheries, Brexit government urged

NEF's Marc Stears signs letter to David Davis and Theresa May More

Why an interest rate cut won’t be enough to rescue the economy

A more targeted approach is required for sustainable growth across the UK More

Is tackling gender inequality the key to higher wellbeing?

New ONS data shows women's reported happiness is falling More

Today EU countries run out of fish

EU member states produce just half of the fish that they consume each year More

Devolution after Brexit: 3 things that need to change

The government needs a new approach to stop Britain becoming a hedge-fund economy More

After the referendum: deregulation on steroids

Brexit risks putting rocket-boosters under the “war on red tape” More

An historic moment for UK marine conservation

How fishers and regulators are working together create a healthier marine environment More

What Brexit means for Britain’s food

The future of the UK food system is genuinely up for grabs More

The one graph that could explain Brexit

Regions of Britain that voted to leave the EU have higher wellbeing inequality More

Co-production: why it’s more important than ever before

Empowering communities to take control over decisions that affect their lives is key More

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