Video: About Time - Examining the case for a shorter working week

Last Wednesday nef brought together a panel of three experts to discuss our acclaimed 2010 report 21 Hours. Could a shorter working week be the answer to current social, economic and environmental concerns? Watch or listen again to the full lecture and discussion below.


A 21 hour working week is long overdue

Originally posted at Left Foot Forward.

At nef we are known for our strong agenda on tackling inequality. Examining the case for a shorter working week needs to be part of this.


Well-Being: The Common Ground?

Politicians are never afraid to attack an opponent’s policy, even if it’s one they agree on.  So, it’s comforting to see, in the Independent today, that Labour grandee Alastair Campbell is calling for his party to “embrace” the politics of well-being rather than “deride” it. More

Economic fallacies: is it time to work more, or less?

Originally posted at the Guardian Sustainable Business blog.


Decision Day for HS2: Good for politics – likely a waste of money for the public

The minute you question the High Speed 2 proposal you are assumed to be against it. But like it or not there are legitimate unresolved questions about the real value of the investment. Despite Transport Secretary Justine Greening’s confident declaration this morning, without a more open analysis the mammoth HS2 investment is still a blindfolded gamble.  


Why competition is the main issue

Originally posted at Liberal Democrat Voice.

One of the many frustrations with our dysfunctional banking system is that we have nowhere else to go unless we want to keep our money under our mattresses.


A revolution you can eat

For more than a decade now, nefhas been developing the idea that local food production can underpin thrivinglocal economies.

It is an idea that builds onour concept of using money flows more effectively. You don’t always needextra money to revive your local economy – it can be a matter of using theexisting money better so that it doesn’t flow out again at the firstexchange. 

Building a diverse network offood businesses can help here.


A statistical light goes out

I returned to work after the holidays to hear that a great statistician of our times had sadly passed away, Roger Jowell. I knew Roger as the Director of the European Social Survey (ESS). The ESS is probably the most well respected international social survey in the world and won the Descartes prize for science in 2005 – the first social science project ever to win it. I had got to know him personally over the past eight years as nef’s National Accounts of Well-being work was all based on ESS data. More

Two billion reasons to rethink the economy

Startling research published by the TUC today calculates that the unpaid overtime worked by British employees is equivalent to more than a million extra full-time jobs. That’s two billion hours given to employers for free. It’s also two billion hours that people don’t spend with their families, volunteering in their communities, exercising, or just relaxing.


Retail has its own squeezed middle

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