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A successful society is one where economic activity delivers high levels of sustainable well-being for all its citizens. NEF has been researching well-being – how people experience their lives and flourish - for over a decade. Our work seeks to understand, measure and positively influence well-being, develop ways of integrating it into policy, and promoting it as an alternative measure of progress.

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Publication // March 26, 2014

Well-being at work

A review of the literature


Publication // June 14, 2012

Happy Planet Index: 2012 Report

There is agrowing global consensus that we need new measures of progress. It is critical thatthese measures clearly reflect what we value – something the current approachfails to do. 


Publication // October 22, 2008

Five Ways to Well-being: Postcards

A set of five evidence-based actions that, if practised regularly, can improve personal well-being.