Fish dependence – 2014 update

The reliance of the EU on fish from elsewhere


nef Review of the Year 2012 - 2013

Another year of significant progress in driving the transition towards a fair economic system that works for people and planet.


Deep trouble

Deep-sea bottom trawling causes significant environmental damage - and for little economic return.


Unknown waters

Without better funding for data collection and enforcement, reforms to the common fisheries policy risk falling flat.


Paying for overfishing

Why subsidising new vessel construction is bad news for EU taxpayers and our oceans


Sustainable fisheries make economic sense

A summary of nef fisheries research to date.


Fish dependence - 2013 update

The increasing reliance of the EU on fish from elsewhere.


No Catch Investment

Fish stocks are an essential public resource facing potentially irreversible damage. Years of overexploitation have left nearly half of all North East Atlantic stocks over-fished, significantly worse than the global average.


Fish dependence - 2012 update

European Union (EU) fish stocks are in an unprecedentedly poor state yet fish consumption throughout Europe remains high. The EU has been able to maintain and even expand its levels of consumption by sourcing fish from other regions of the world, both through the catches of its distant-water fleet and imports. This report highlights Europe’s reliance on fish products originating from external waters for its fish supplies, and provides pointers towards a more sustainable future for dwindling global fish stocks.


Jobs Lost at Sea

Overfishing is said to occur when fish are captured at a faster rate than they reproduce. This phenomenon has plagued European waters for decades, but has only recently come under public scrutiny. The enormously wasteful practice of discarding fish, sometimes throwing away five times more fish than are landed at port, has sparked public outrage. Yet this is but one part of a worrying trend in the marine world. Some fish stocks have been fished to the brink of collapse. Some catches are but a shadow of their former selves. More

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