Banking 2020: A vision for the future

Key findings
  • The banking industry has been under intense scrutiny since the financial crisis started in 2007.
  • Under current plans, by 2019 banks will have ring-fenced their retail arms and be operating under new prudential requirements.

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June 12, 2013 // Written by:

Steve Tolley , Editor

Banking is transforming. In the hope of ensuring financial meltdown like that of 2008 never happens again, UK and European policymakers are summoning a range of new rules, and regulators, to change the way the banks do business.

By 2020, the dust will have settled on this new banking landscape. But will enough have been done? Will increased competition (if achieved) be enough to save the industry and its reputation? Is there anything we have mised? Now is the time to question what comes next.

This collection of twelve versions for the future of banking seeks to do just this. Written by politicians and regulators with a deep knowledge and experience of the subject of banking reform, and with an introduction and overview by Steve Tolley and Tony Greenham, the group of thoughtful and insightful essays provides a fascinating picture of the work still required to create a banking system that is truly excellent.

Contributors: Steve Baker MP, Sharon Bowles MEP (with Damian Horton), Vicky Ford MEP, Mark Garnier MP, David Jackman, Syed Kamall MEP, Baroness Kramer, Andrea Leadsom MP, Chris Leslie MP, Andy Love MP, John Mann MP & John Thurso MP.

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