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December 6, 2011

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This was the year when nef started on the journey towards a Great Transition in earnest. We need an economy that creates enough good jobs and public goods, that is much fairer, that is focussed on improving our well-being, and that achieves all this within planetary limits. This is perfectly possible, but requires a transformation of our economy and economics – a Great Transition.

So this year we launched our high-profile banking campaign, we held a major event on London’s South Bank on transition, we orientated all our programmes toward the Great Transition and commenced work on an economic model of the UK economy which will show how the transformation can be achieved.

As can be seen in this review, nef is continuing to strengthen both its profile and its impact across a range of urgent issues. The banking campaign has had considerable profile and, we believe, impact in stiffening the resolve of the Vickers Commission on banking. Our work on the ‘Big Society’ and continuing work on co-production and public services has influenced Government at all levels. Our work on EU fishing policy has been widely reported across Europe and we’ve played a big role in bringing together a powerful coalition tackling unsustainable fishing.

Notwithstanding our successes, it has not been the easiest year financially. The funding terrain remains uncertain and more competitive. But, by acting prudently, we have ended the year in a position where we look ahead with confidence knowing that there has never been a time when nef’s ideas and actions were more relevant. And we have been heartened by the generous support we have received this year from all our supporters and funders.

As the year ended we celebrated our 25th birthday. Since its founding nef has achieved amazing things. We face the massive challenges of the next 25 years and beyond in good heart, with a clear vision of what is needed and steely determination to help bring about a Great Transition. I hope you will join us on this inspiring journey.

Stewart Wallis, nef Chief Executive



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