Time on Our Side

Key findings
  • The UK has the longest average annual working hours of all the major economies in Europe.
  • 5 million carers in the UK have been forced to cut hours of paid employment, or to stop working altogether.
  • A four day working week in the UK would lead to a carbon emissions reduction equivalent to Croatia's entire annual carbon footprint.

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September 18, 2013 // Written by:

Anna Coote, Head of Social Policy
Jane Franklin, Project Co-ordinator and Researcher, Social Policy

Have you ever wondered why you’re so busy, where your time goes, or how much your time is really worth?

This book will radically alter your understanding of the nature and value of time. Authored by leading experts in social, economic and environmental sciences, it explains how moving towards shorter, more flexible hours of work could help tackle urgent problems that beset our daily lives – from overwork, unemployment and low well-being, to entrenched inequalities, needless high-carbon consumption and the lack of time to live sustainably.

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The book contains contributions from:

Time on Our Side challenges conventional wisdom about what makes a ‘successful’ economy. It shows us how, through using and valuing time differently, we can reclaim the time to care for each other, follow our dreams and enjoy each moment.

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