Valuing What Matters

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nef’s Valuing What Matters team challenges the theory and practice of traditional economic decision-making. We argue that to take the right decisions for people and the planet you need economic approaches which take into account the triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental impacts.

Our work explores how to create better outcomes in key policy areas such as infrastructure, education and justice policy, and how to make major economic systems, like the labour market, work better for society as a whole. To support this work, we have pioneered the use of Social Return on Investment, a cost–benefit tool which ensures that the real life experiences of stakeholders are factored into the calculation alongside more easily measurable impacts.

Current team focuses include:

Team members

Blog post // April 10, 2014

Why it’s time to close London City Airport

New NEF research makes the case for a sustainable redevelopment of the site More

Publication // April 10, 2014

Royal docks revival

The case for closing London City Airport - why it makes no economic, environmental or social sense to site an airport on inner-city land.


Blog post // April 10, 2014

An alternative vision for the Royal Docks

NEF's new report on City Airport sets the standard for future-proof cities More

Blog post // March 10, 2014

Why keeping young people out of court pays

Stopping problem behaviour early frees up our justice system and improves outcomes for young people More

Blog post // February 24, 2014

Better courts: not an option but a necessity

England and Wales' top judge backs NEF's call for court innovation More

Blog post // February 10, 2014

Creativity: it takes all sorts

New research reveals the benefits of diversity in youth arts programmes More

Publication // February 10, 2014

Diversity and integration


Blog post // February 7, 2014

Who should pay for our courts?

New government bill proposes to place the burden on those convicted of crimes. More

Blog post // January 27, 2014

The embarrassing truth about trickle-down

A 50p tax rate will help, not hurt, our economy More

Blog post // December 9, 2013

Why the public sector can lead on decent wages

As one of the UK's top employers, it has a vital role to play. More

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